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Camp Information

Kruså Campings skilt Since 2004, Ole and Susanne Nielsen have been the owners of the camping site.

During this time, they have made a lot of improvements, including: renovated cafeteria, attractive transit area, new sanitary facility building, new and improved playground and a miniature golf course.

The 20 acre property is approved for 420 camping units in addition to the cabins.

Kruså Camping pladsoversigt The camping site is a gem for the free spirited person.

The ares is surrounded by trees and forest, providing good shelter.

Kruså Camping is not divided into slots, thus providing plenty space for caravan, tents, car and "hang out space".

With only 1500 meters to the German border, it should be an easy decision to choose season camping at Kruså Camping.

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Overview of Kruaaå Camping site

Updated the 1.5.2018  
Kruså Camping,   Åbenråvej 7,   6340 Kruså,   Tlf: +45 74671206,   Fax: +45 74671205,   Email: info@krusaacamping.dk