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Kruså Campings kiost   Convenience store with wide selection of products

- offering everything a camper needs:

Fresh-baked bread
Bread, eggs, milk, spreads and toppings
Ice cream and slush ice
Cold beer and water

Cafeteria with large, covered veranda.

The menu offers burgers and steaks, among other things.

Spend a romantic Summer evening enjoying a candle light dinner with steak, béarnaise sauce and red wine.

The cafeteria is open from the week 28 to week 31.
  Kruså Campings skilt

Kruså Campings skilt   Miniature golf.

Right behind the cafeteria you will find one of the best miniature golf courses in suthern Jutland.

Clubs and score cards to be purchased in the store.


In the northern part of the camping area, you will find the playground.

There is also 2 "bouncy pillows" and one trampoline.

Playground equipment:
30 meter cableway
Giraffe swing and regular swings
Seesaws; regular and animals
Slides and climbing wall
A lovely sandbox for the smaller kids
  Kruså Campings legeplads

Kruså Campings skilt   2 lounges

The camping site offers two lounges with TV.

The large lounge in the reception building is also well suited for dining with your fellow campers.

The small lounge has a wide selection of games.

 with 90% coverage

Antenna and router for wireless internet access are installed on the service facility buildings.

You can access the internet from most parts of the camping area, except the southern part.

Internet access for 30 min, 1 hour or 24 hours can be purchased at the reception.

  Kruså Campings skilt

Kruså Campings skilt   Pétanque course

Next to the swimming pool you will find the pétanque course.

If you do not wish to bring your own pétanque balls, you can purchase them in the store.

Moon Car rental

The camping site offers 1, 2 or 4 person Moon Cars.

For rent in the store.
  Kruså Campings skilt

Kruså Campings Fællestelt   Tent for common use

At the tent area entry, there is a lovely tent for common use.

Updated the 1.5.2018

Kruså Camping,   Åbenråvej 7,   6340 Kruså,   Tlf: +45 74671206,   Fax: +45 74671205,   Email: info@krusaacamping.dk